Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Girl Scout Alum Abroad!

Cindy Scott, a Charlotte County Girl Scout Alum and now a junior at UNC, traveled to London this past summer as part of the UNC Honors Study Abroad Program. Not only did she get to expereince some royal pagentry she got to visit the Pax Lodge, a WAGGGS facility, and connect with Girl Scouts abroad. Here is her story:
"I arrived in London ten days before my study abroad class did in order to photograph some of June's royal pageantry for a magazine here in North Carolina. Because I found myself in need of some cheap, safe accommodation, I was drawn to Pax Lodge and I am so pleased with that decision. The people were wonderful and welcoming, giving me tons of information about the local area and making me feel like I had a home away from home in a large, foreign city. I truly believe that only a WAGGGS facility could have made me feel so at ease, and I would urge more young women to take advantage of such places when they are alone abroad. "

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